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China To Europe International Trucking Services

Ai Logistics is one of the best trucking freight service forwarders in China, offering international delivery from China to destinations around Europe. We specialize in transporting freight door to door, regardless of location. China-EU freight forwarding has always been a popular service for both businesses and individuals who desire to transport goods from China to Europe by truck. As the top freight forwarder in China, We are a transportation company that offers low-cost transportation and proactive customer service. Truck shipping has become a new model of freight transport in China, and it takes only 15 days. With our GPS monitoring, you can oversee the entire process from start to finish.


As an important part of logistics, truck freight has become a very common way to transport goods internationally. In China-EU logistic, this is seen as one of the best financial choices. This can even be faster than other transportation options (CO2 emissions) like air freight and train freight and as an effective supplement to freight transport between China and Europe, Shipping goods using trucks is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than using other modes of transport. For instance, the cost of truck transport is 2-3 times lower than that of railway. And, it’s CO2 footprint is significantly lower as well.

Ai Logistics has been dedicated to international shipping and logistics as one stop from China to Europe. We provide export customs clearance, shipping insurance, transit customs clearance, overseas warehouses, and destination customs clearance. We have finished the normal operations of Alashankou Port in Xinjiang and Horgos Port to Europe. At the moment, Our warehouse centers are in North China, East China, South China, and Germany with a large scope of business..If you would like a quote for international truck freight service between China and Europe, please get in touch with us.

Road freight trucking can be used for this sort of delivery, since it works on an appointment basis and allows for unloading directly at a warehouse or other shipping facility. This can be especially useful when there are multiple stops along a delivery route since truckers won’t have to spend as much time moving goods from one location to another.

China Railway service has fixed departure and destination stations, and with dedicated routes, trains are able to deliver destinations quickly and efficiently. Air Freight also has fixed airports, allowing for quick and easy access to international locations. While the routes may not be as cost-effective as railway transportation, the speed can make up for this in many cases.

One of the best advantages about Road Freight Trucking is that it’s fast, and the lead time is short. In fact, when you compare it to air freight, you’ll find that the transit time for pickup and door delivery is shorter.

From a shipping cost perspective, road freight trucking is 20% cheaper than air freight. When you take into account the overall lead time for road freight trucking, you’ll see how relatively advantageous it is, especially in terms of short-term transfer in the early stage.

Road freight trucking is suitable for large batches of time-sensitive goods or single-piece goods whose size and weight exceed the acceptable range of the rail freight train.

Table of Contents

1 Truck Freight From China to Europe
2 Truck freight transit time from China to Europe
3 Road freight cost from China to Europe
4 Truck freight route from China to Europe:
4.1 shipping destination for your truck shipment from China to Europe
4.2 TIR convention in International Road Freight from China
4.3 Trucking shipments: Full truck load (FTL) or Less than truck load (LTL)?
4.4 Monitoring cross-border trucking shipments
4.5 Conclusion: Cross-border trucking is consistently more advantageous than other transport modes.
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Truck Freight From China to Europe

Road Freight Trucking transit time is the second fastest among all other transportation after Air Freight. Transit time from China to Europe 13 days by Road Freight trucking, while Air Freight takes 10 days, 16 days for China Europe Railway, 50 days for sea freight. The timeliness of trucking transportation is slightly inferior to that of Air Freight, but it is still higher than that of Road Freight trucking and China Europe Railway. With the high cost-effectiveness of road Freight, the cost of Road Freight trucking is much lower than that of air Freight. Road Freight trucking is the preferred option for international transportation. Under current market situation, shortage of containers and port congestion, the logistics and transportation industry has become a challenging market. Road Freight trucking solution can save your shipping costs and cover extensive transportation routes between China and Europe.

Road Freight trucking can be used in loading place and unloading place, as long as it can be connected to roads, door-to-door transportation can be realised. Under current market situation, shortage of containers and port congestion, the logistics and transportation industry has become a challenging market. Road Freight trucking solution can save your shipping costs and cover extensive transportation routes between China and Europe.

In addition, road freight trucking is especially suitable for the delivery of large quantities of goods in small batches. Often the freight is delivered to a distribution centre or warehouse, but road freight trucking is also used to deliver directly to customers’ own warehouses or factories.

Trucking is an important component of last mile delivery: the movement of goods from a transportation hub to the final destination. Typically the term refers to movement by road or rail networks, though air transport is also sometimes included in last mile transport. Because it generally accounts for the majority of a product’s total delivery time and cost, it is increasingly important that last mile delivery be done cheaply and efficiently.

Road Freight trucking services can solve many of the current problems of companies importing from China. Departing from all parts of the country to the border, then across the entire Kazakhstan, and then into Russian territory. Next, the truck drove in Russia and reached the country’s border with Belarus. The truck then crossed Poland, entered European territory, then to different Europe Cities Germany, France, Spain. The Road Freight trucking transportation time from China to Europe is usually 13-22 days.

Road Freight trucking solution has more flexibility than sea logistics at this stage. Customers can use it to save transit time

Truck Freight Transit Time From China To Europe

Shipping method Road Freight From China Air Freight from China to Rail Freight from China to Sea Freight From China Courier Express from China
Europe main cities 13-15 days 5-7 days 16-18 day 25-30days 2-5 days

Road Freight Cost From China To Europe

Cost Air Freight from China to Rail Freight from China to Road Freight From China Courier Express from China
Europe main citieis 3.3 EUR per kgs 1.5 EUR per kgs 1.6 EUR per kgs 8 EUR per kgs

Truck Freight Route From China To Europe:

China warehouses often require being loaded into trucks, then having to be unloaded in Xinjiang again to complete customs declarations., Then cross over from Kazakhstan via Russia, Belarus to Poland and then the final delivery in Germany. The overall transit time is about 18 days.

China to Europe is a long journey, with many options for transport. Ocean transport can take 40 days, rail transport can take 30 days, and air transportation generally takes 5-10+ days. ChinaEuro truck freight starts at 15

Shipping Destination For Your Truck Shipment From China To Europe

United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, SpainNetherlands, Czech RepublicPoland,TIR Convention In International Road Freight From China

Cross-border trucking become big topic when it comes to customs clearance. To ensure safety on the roads, the Chinese have created a new legislative procedure – the TIR Convention, which is enforced since 2019. The abbreviation stands for “International Road Transport”. All other types of international shipping not covered by the EU’s shipping guidelines. Trucks with international carnet plates don’t need to stop for customs clearance when crossing the border just at the country on either side of the border. This can save time and effort which results in a significant reduction in delivery intervals. The carnet TIRs is the most widely used customs document for vehicles trade. It provides a fast and easy way to cross borders and has become the industry standard

Trucking shipments: Full truck load (FTL) or Less than truck load (LTL)?

Under the TIR Convention, goods have to be transported in sealed vehicles. There are 2 methods of loading these vehicles that are considered ‘closed’: If the shipment fills all the space on truck, it’s a full load or full truck load.. Customers often use the most cost-efficient way of transporting their goods from the loading point to their final destination No matter the product, the size of the shipment, or any other factor, carriers can provide superior service.

Less than truckload (LTL) is a semi-fulfillment service that only fills part of container volume. The service consolidates customers’ goods, They share a carriage with other recipients and benefit from a cheaper solution.. All parcels have to be unpacked and their destination sorted out at the destination before they are delivered.. This approach makes it possible for more goods to be shipped with less mileage, and it takes less time than shipping as well. This helps the environment and cuts costs in the long run.

Monitoring Cross-Border Trucking Shipments

When shipping goods internationally, it is essential to keep safety in mind. It is important not just to have a reliable freight forwarder that offers fixed rates, but to also protect against any kind of threats that may arise when transporting the freight. When you’re transporting expensive, fragile items you want to know that they’re safe and sound. With a real-time GPS tracker, you can feel confident in the security of your shipment.

We guarantee that the container can be tracked and can account for any access and movement. Other features include a smart lock to avoid a theft of your products. The padlock ensures that the container has not been tampered with and eliminates the risk of any corruption along the supply chain. The driver can guarantee that their cargo remains intact and secure throughout transport.

Conclusion: Cross-border trucking is consistently more advantageous than other transport modes.

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