Cargo airports in China-Top 5

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The biggest cargo airports in China – TOP 5

Airfreight is the fastest way to transport goods. CARGO airports are constantly developing and expanding to facilitate and accelerate transport. Chinese CARGO airports occupy high positions among the largest airports in the world. Airports Council International listed five Chinese ports. Check how the largest cargo airports in China look.

Hong Kong International

The largest cargo airport in the world is located in Hong Kong. Hong Kong International holds an honorable first place and has maintained its position for years. It is the busiest port in the world for already nine years.
In 2018, the airport handled 5.1 million tons of total capacity, which accounted for 42% of Hong Kong’s total foreign trade value.
Currently, Hong Kong International Airport provides 43 parking spaces for cargo aircraft.
The particular advantages of the port are primarily the geographical location, excellent connectivity, the most modern facilities, sufficient capacity to handle cargo, as well as efficiency and ensured safety.
At the airport operate such companies as Air France Cargo, DHL Aviation, Lufthansa Cargo, Qatar Airways Cargo, as well as UPS Airlines.

Shanghai Pudong International

Shanghai Pudong International is the second largest airport in China. However, among the largest cargo ports in the world, Shanghai airport ranks third.
The airport handles over 3.1 million tons of cargo annually. It is one of the main loading nodes in China.
There are many forwarding companies at Shanghai airport, including DHL Aviation, FedEx Express, Air China Cargo, Lufthansa Cargo, UPS Airlines.

Beijing Capital International

Beijing International Airport is the third largest cargo airport in China. The airport was opened in 1958.
Freight traffic is served by over 100 airlines from around the world. Such forwarding companies as Air China Cargo, DHL Aviation, FedEx Express, and Lufthansa Cargo operate in the port.
Beijing International Airport has four hangars. The facility is classified as a 4F facility, which means it is capable of handling wide-body equipment.
The cargo airport handles over 2 million tonnes of cargo annually (40 years ago, it was only 34,000 tons of cargo).

Guangzhou Baiyun International

Guangzhou Baiyun International is the fourth largest cargo airport in China. It is one of the busiest airports in southern China. It handles over 1.8 million tons of cargo.
Port Guangzhou Baiyun International has been operating since 2004.
Such carriers as Air France Cargo, Korean Air Cargo, Lufthansa Cargo, and UPS mainly operate in the port.
Guangzhou is also a FedEx hub location in Asia and the Pacific. The center operated 136 flights a week from the very beginning.

Shenzhen International

Shenzhen International is one of the largest cargo airports in southern China. It was opened in 1991.
The cargo airport in Shenzhen handles over 1 million tons of cargo annually.
The logistics center at the airport covers an area of 115,000 m2 and provides customs storage, international logistics distribution, customs services as well as door-to-door deliveries. The airport serves 39 cargo routes, connecting to 33 destinations.
Forwarding companies such as UPS Airlines, China Airlines Cargo, China Cargo Airlines as well as FedEx Express operate at the port.
The airport serves as a cargo hub for UPS in Asia and the Pacific.

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